The Birthday Party
by Harold Pinter

Clwyd Theatr Cymru
27 April 20 May 2006

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Cast List

John Atterbury
Elizabeth Counsell
Trystan Gravelle
Emily Pithon
Philip York
McCann Steffan Rhodri

Directed by Phillip Breen
Designed by Martyn Bainbridge
Lighting by Davy Cunningham
Sound by Matthew Williams
Dialact Coach Majella Hurley
Fights by Renny Krupinski
Company Manager
Graham Say
Deputy Stage Manager
Emma Connolly
Assistant Stage Manager
Kelly Hodder 


Selected Reviews

The Western Mail

'Some plays slide silkily over the reviewer and are swiftly forgotten; others get under the skin to itch and tickle the senses days later... Harold Pinter's modern masterpiece, The Birthday Party, is one of the latter and this new production at Clwyd Theatr Cymru is a thought-provoking delight; dark, dangerous, wickedly funny and enough of an enigma to tantalise the senses for ages. The production is a worthy debut at Mold for young director Phillip Breen... It is a breathtaking evening which grips the audience by both heart and mind. Let's hope Phillip Breen gets the chance to direct some more Pinter at Mold: this was excellent and left me wanting more. See it if you possibly can.'

The Stage
'That Harold Pinter's play still has the ability to puzzle, shock and disturb becomes clear in the intimacy of Phillip Breen's savagely powerful production... Elizabeth Counsell's Meg is simply stunning... Trystan Gravelle is an equally superb Stanley, his breakdown under pressure is terrifying...This blackly comic yet piercingly emotional production relishes Pinter's rhythms, rich use of language and subversion of cliches.'

The North West Enquirer
'Mr Breen, despite his tender years, hurls the cast into the fray with with a gusto that is at times breathtaking.'

Liverpool Daily Post
'Breen's enthusiastic approach lends it [The Birthday Party] a fresh and feisty air.'
'The heart of Phillip Breen's excellent production is its fine performances... A Birthday Party so clear, intense and modern doesn't come along every year.'



Trystan Gravelle (Stanley) and Emily Pithon (Lulu). Photo Geraint Lewis

Steffan Rhodri (McCann). Photo Geraint Lewis

Trystan Gravelle (Stanley) and Elizabeth Counsell (Meg). Photo Geraint Lewis

Trystan Gravelle (Stanley) and Philip York (Goldberg). Photo Geraint Lewis


Trystan Gravelle (Stanley) and Elizabeth Counsell (Meg). Photo Geraint Lewis


Trrystan Gravelle (Stanley). Photo Geraint Lewis

Trystan Gravelle (Stanley), Steffan Rhodri (McCann) and Philip York (Goldberg). Photo Geraint Lewis

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